Blackberry Battery Booster PRO

Its not often we got a truly useful software for the Blackberry. Battery Booster PRO stands for being well designed and actually doing what it claims to do really well. The technology behind Battery Booster PRO is very simple it aims to lower the battery consumption of your Blackberry by providing you options to manage what your phone is doing. The following are the options available in one screen using Blackberry Booster PRO.

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What RIM Can Learn from the HP Touchpad $99 Sale

I’m a big Blackberry Playbook user since it came out but I also have love tablet computing in general and follow it consistently.

Its been a week since HP announced its planning to get away from the computer business and is axing WebOS. I felt really sad when I heard this news since I’m a big fan of Palm, the original creators of WebOS. I think HP has no idea what they’re letting go and seems illogical to quit when they’ve spent so much effort already.

I still don’t know what HP is planning with WebOS, but something interesting happened this weekend and that was a firesale on the HP Touchpad. If you haven’t seen the Touchpad its a WebOS tablet with a beautiful 9.7 inch screen and comes with a browser that can run flash. Some compare the Touchpad as very similar to the Ipad minus a little speed and the collection of apps.

In the past two days the HP Touchpad has had a surge in sales and is the number 1 selling tablet in the market beating the Apple Ipad. Its currently trending top 10 in Google trends and is the most popular tablet in most online and offline retailers. What makes its rise was a simple change in price from $399 to $99 for the 16GB model. Continue reading

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InstaPhoto for the Blackberry

insta photo blackberry torch app
I love photography and consider it my greatest temptation to getting another phone other than a Blackberry.

Mobile phone photography is a big market and currently has only one big player. You have the market leader Apple pushing the boundaries on how good a camera phone should be.

By making the IPhone’s camera a major factor on its success it has captured a huge number of fans. But It also helps that Apple has tons of app developers ready to take advantage to new technology.

Going back to the Blackberry things has been quiet for a few months for any photo related app. But lately things are starting to change. I’m happy to finally say the Blackberry now has a great photo filter app. Continue reading

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Facebook Update Now has Chat

After waiting ages for Facebook to include Chat inside their Blackberry App, today’s update finally gave that features to us. Today’s update also came with another¬† pleasant surprise like a new user interface. The new user interface includes a new navigation grid where you can access all the features available to the app.
facebook 2.0 update blackberry app

I’ve been using Facebook a lot lately after the Skype integration. Its probably the smartest thing Facebook has done, by getting the best technology for making video and voice calls.¬† Being able to chat with your contacts is one of Facebook’s best feature and having that in your Blackberry makes the Facebook a complete mobile app.

Download Facebook 2.0 or Get the new Update: Facebook 2.0

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Conspiracy Against RIM?

In the past few months RIM has gotten a lot of negative press online and offline. Most of it started when RIM announced their Quarterly earnings which was something to be expected when a company’s making major transitions.

Most of the negative press against RIM centered mostly from a North American perspective. But in my travels to Asia I saw a whole new outlook on how people see Blackberry Phones and the company that makes it.
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Opera Mini 6 Browser Blackberry Freeware

The developers of Opera have finally come out with an update to resolve all the problems with old Opera 5 fixing problems with scrolling and missing text. They also made huge improvements in webpage loading time.

They have also made some improvements in the user interface making bookmarking easier. They even improved the overall stability of the browser making it more snappier. Opera Mini has always been a great browser but the old question still comes up on why I still have Opera mini on my phone.

opera mini 6

The answer is very simple I love using the webkit browser on my Torch but its still not perfect, I often get a low memory error when I view websites with large pictures or graphics which really annoys any user.

Opera Mini 6 solves all of these memory problems and even loads pages faster than my phones built in browser.

Download link: Opera Mini 6 Blackberry Edition

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Blackberry Workout App Freeware

Endomondo Blackberry Software
Endomondo blackberry app

Endomondo is a Free Blackerry Software that allows you to track your progress using their app to monitor your location and the amount of calories you have lost from your workout. You can choose various sports such as running, biking, hiking, golf, and almost all major sports using the app. Using your GPS location it will measure the distance you have made and the amount of calories you have lost.

There’s a also a music integration with Endomondo that allows you to play your favorite playlist so you can choose one that fits your workout or sport.

Download link: Endomondo Blackberry Software Free Version

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Blackberry Shopping List App Freeware

Our Groceries for the Blackberry

Groceries sync app

Our Groceries is a small application that allows you to sync grocery shopping list to different Blackberry phones. What makes this app very special is its ability to record your grocery items so you don’t have to encode the item you want to buy. You can also use Our Groceries to divide shopping task for active projects. As simple as it sounds, Our Groceries is simple and works with all Blackberry phones that came out in the last 4 years.

Download Link : Our Groceries for the Blackberry

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Blackberry Mobile Interface App Freeware

Snaptu Blackberry Software

Snaptu blackberry app

Snaptu is a very interesting software to have if your using Blackberry OS5 and bellow. Using the Moblica’s free Blackberry software called Snaptu you can access mobile versions of popular news, weather, gallery, networking, video and micro messaging sites. What makes this stand out from the rest is the mobile interface it uses to deliver these sites to your phone. It gives your favorite sites a mobile interface or a mobile version giving you webkit speed.

Even if you do have OS6 the mobile interface it uses to deliver you your favorite sites saves you time and make those full version websites with no mobile interface usable on your Blackberry.

Since Snaptu acts like a conduit to make full version websites into mobile versions its works great for people who don’t have BIS or BES. Since you will get the mobile interface without installing the official app.

download: Snaptu Blackberry Freeware

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Blackberry Discounted SMS Apps Freeware

Skebby – Free SMS
skebby discounted sms blackberry app

Skebby is an Italian company offering discounted SMS with a flat rate of 5 cents per send. The rate of 5 cents is valid to all supported countries. Its a great way to save money if you send SMS or text messages overseas. Whats great about Skebby is it supports multiple devices even old mobile phones, making it a great app to share with your friends and family.

download: Skebby for the Blackberry

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