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Affordable Blackberry Phones for 2016

There are a lot of cheap Android phones you can buy for around a $100 dollars. Most of them will be Chinese branded phones with horrible quality and with no service center. If your still open to getting a Blackberry, … Continue reading

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Getting the Amazon App Store on Your Blackberry

If you bought your Blackberry device before the latest OS update that came the Amazon App Store, here is a simple guide to get you started. This method works with the Blackberry Z10, Q10, Q5 or Z30. You will need … Continue reading

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Extending the Battery Life of the Blackberry Z10

I am a big fan of Blackberry which is probably¬† why I had this website for the last 7 years. Blackberry has its ups and downs but the introduction of the new Blackberry 10 will change all of that. Like … Continue reading

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Blackberry Still Showing Strong Support for the Playbook

I love the fact that RIM is showing some confidence during its long transition period. It’s not easy what they are doing but with its modest cash reserves it has, it has managed to pull of one of the longest … Continue reading

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Blackberry Dolphin Browser Freeware

I love the Dolphin Browser on my Ipad 2 and use it constantly to view pages that simply can not load on Safari. The free Dolphin Browser for the Playbook is exactly the same as the iOS version. You will … Continue reading

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Blackberry Android App Player will Level the Playing Field

There no disputing the fact that 2011 was the worst year for RIM but that goes for most companies going through a bad economy. RIM in particular just had a bigger share of bad luck; starting with stock prices plummeting, … Continue reading

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Portable Media Server for Your Blackberry

I have always dislike the limitations Apple has place with their devices when it comes to file transfer. I’m glad RIM has not imposed such limitations to their phones and tablet. This project came up in my house as a … Continue reading

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The Big Playbook Sale

If you missed out on the 199 Playbook sale, Amazon still has them for $249. Why spend the extra $50 is simply to get the protection that comes with buying from Amazon. The playbook is a beautiful tablet and is … Continue reading

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RIM Giving Out $100 Worth of Blackberry Apps

Last week a lot of people of people said RIM went silent when it tried to fix a massive failure which resulted to delays in email delivery and for a lot of people a total lost of service. A lot … Continue reading

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RIM Needs to Fix the Playbook

I use my Blackberry Playbook almost everyday. I love the little tablet and carry it with me almost everywhere I go. Although I’m still happy with my Playbook there are important features or software missing which prevents me from using … Continue reading

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