Extending the Battery Life of the Blackberry Z10

Blackberry z10 white
I am a big fan of Blackberry which is probably¬† why I had this website for the last 7 years. Blackberry has its ups and downs but the introduction of the new Blackberry 10 will change all of that. Like all first generation devices its not going to be perfect and the main concern most people had was the battery. I’m going to make this really clear the battery life of the Z10 is average comparing it to devices with similar specifications.

Don’t ever believe reviews telling you that the Z10 won’t last you the day. In fact several developers who had the phones on their hands would rate if for 2 days lasting all the way to the evening. People concerns over power does open up an opportunity for developers to come out better power management apps or even third party batter with a higher capacity.

RIM or Blackberry believes strongly on having a dependable device and gave some tips on extending the life of the Z10 inside the operations manual.

It seems WIFI uses up a lot of power but what is interesting is the last tip which recommends users to save data on their memory cards instead of device storage to save power. That tip is new to me and I to a lot of other Blackberry users. Just to get things clear, saving data on your memory card extends the battery for the Blackberry Z10.

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