Blackberry Still Showing Strong Support for the Playbook

I love the fact that RIM is showing some confidence during its long transition period. It’s not easy what they are doing but with its modest cash reserves it has, it has managed to pull of one of the longest waiting period for any OS transitions in mobile phone history.

The reason why I’m already saying it has managed to pull it off since its already just a few months until Blackberry 10 gets out from development. Finally having a strong OS will give RIM the tools it needs to be competitive.

There is a lot of competition out there but RIM has something special to offer which no other competitor has even come closed to matching.

Blackberry devices is still king off security. The Blackberry Playbook in fact is considered one the most secure Android capable tablets in the market. The fact that it does not run on Android makes it more secure against malicious software which often end up in the Android Market Place.

The Playbook and future Blackberry 10 devices which runs an Android player or Android virtual machine isolates any problems and prevents them from accessing vital phone services like voice,` address books, memos and other important phone functions.

The latest Playbook updates brings the device to its optimum level of performance through the improvements of the Android Player making Android apps more stable and increasing its speed. There’s also new portrait support for emails, calendar and contacts.

The support for portrait modes on these key apps is long overdue and should have been there from the start. The last key update is on Blackberry bridge which now supports SMS receiving and writing on the Playbook this feature I think really makes the Playbook a very powerful business device.

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