Blackberry Dolphin Browser Freeware

I love the Dolphin Browser on my Ipad 2 and use it constantly to view pages that simply can not load on Safari. The free Dolphin Browser for the Playbook is exactly the same as the iOS version. You will get the same tabs and popular features like special gestures to load specific websites.

Like any new software ported to another OS the Dolphin browser is not perfect, playing embedded video is noticeably faster with the the Playbook’s native browser. But its not going to stop me from using the Dolphin browser since for some reason it renders pages faster when it comes to text and graphics which is the source of content when I’m using my Playbook.

I haven’t notice any problems with the browser and really love the interface. The Dolphin browser simply excels with its simple interface which is easy to understand and familiar to most people use to using a desktop browser.

Get the Dolphin Browser for the Blackberry: Dolphin Browser Playbook

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