Portable Media Server for Your Blackberry

I have always dislike the limitations Apple has place with their devices when it comes to file transfer. I’m glad RIM has not imposed such limitations to their phones and tablet. This project came up in my house as a simple solution to stream video from my home server to my kids discounted Blackberry Playbook.

In this project you will need the following:

1. Old windows PC of laptop or a home server.
2. connection to WIFI network.

We are going to use XAMMP as our portable Apache server, you simple download it inside a USB stick and run it directly to your PC. You can get a copy of XAMPP LITE USB Portable edition for free.

As soon as you install it you need to click on the following Apache and Filezilla and press start start to run the service.

xampp server for blackberry

If you want to start XAMPP automatically put on a check mark on the Svc and you can get it started automatically. You can now use your Blackberry browser to access your computer, your storage files will be located in C:\xampp\htdocs or depending where you installed XAMPP.

In your Blackberry browser you can view your files at ( or your servers IP/) and stream videos or even transfer files to your Blackberry phone or Playbook. Streaming only works with newer Blackberry phones but using your Playbook videos runs really well.

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