The Big Playbook Sale

If you missed out on the 199 Playbook sale, Amazon still has them for $249. Why spend the extra $50 is simply to get the protection that comes with buying from Amazon.

The playbook is a beautiful tablet and is way better than the Amazon fire which just is annoying to use. The kindle fire is so under powered I have a hard time believing Amazon is convince the fire was designed for reading PDF magazines.

In contrast to the Playbook which opens PDF like an IPad with a better form factor you can carry around with you. It might not have the apps but if there is a tablet that can handle flash the Playbook is on top of my list.

RIM had made some major mistakes marketing and releasing the playbook without any native email, contacts and calendar apps. But these mistakes will be soon corrected with a major update in the early part of 2012.

I’m a major IPad user but the Blackberry Playbook gets me do things my iPad could never do like browsing the web with flash and get things done. I don’t want to install apps for every website I visit which is starting to be forced on iPad users. If your in the market for a tablet the Playbook is really worthy to be in your list.

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