RIM Needs to Fix the Playbook

I use my Blackberry Playbook almost everyday. I love the little tablet and carry it with me almost everywhere I go. Although I’m still happy with my Playbook there are important features or software missing which prevents me from using it to its full potential.

1. No native email client.
2. No native calendar application.
3. No native address book.

It just seems hard to believe RIM marketed a business tablet missing important basic applications. As an owner its just frustrating to have such a powerful tablet and not be able to do basic things without having your phone. RIM really needs to do something about this unless they want to discontinue the Playbook.

Being fair RIM did get a lot of things right with their tablet but if they want to compete with the new Kindle Fire which has its own native email software and cost less than the Playbook they need to make some changes fast.

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2 Responses to RIM Needs to Fix the Playbook

  1. Antoine says:

    No FIX here, just an upgdate for non BB phones holders …
    Devcon is 1 week away and solutions might appear for them in O.S 2.0

  2. Abel Kiboma says:

    My Blackberry 8320 does not play videos that does not have adobe flashplayer 8 and above. Please assist

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