RIM Giving Out $100 Worth of Blackberry Apps

Last week a lot of people of people said RIM went silent when it tried to fix a massive failure which resulted to delays in email delivery and for a lot of people a total lost of service.

A lot of companies all over the world were affected and all eyes were set on RIM. It took a few days for RIM to normalize email delivery which was expected due to how all email system delivery works.

As for RIM being totally silent was totaly untrue my provider did send me an SMS alert regarding the problems with Blackberry service and how everything was being done to resolve the issue.

Regardless of how things were handled by RIM a lot of people were affected and RIM wants to make amends by giving out $100 worth of premium Blackberry software via App World.

The following are some of the Blackberry Software which is going to be free starting on December 19 up to the end of the year.

SIMS 3 and Bejeweled
N.O.V.A., Texas Hold’em Poker 2
Bubble Bash 2
Photo Editor Ultimate
DrifeSafe.ly Pro and Translator Pro
Nobex Radio Premium
Shazam Encore
Vlingo Plus

I keep the list updated as soon as RIM gives out more details.

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5 Responses to RIM Giving Out $100 Worth of Blackberry Apps

  1. Frans Emiel Pesiwarissa says:


  2. mack says:

    My blackberry app don’t!!!!!! Work plaese help me

  3. Melissa Heuser says:

    I have been a crack berry user now for 8 years! I love the playbook and how it coinsides with my blackberry phone. I know once the hype of the other tablet goes this tablet will catch on but please keep this Blackberry service to all! We love RIM and the services it provides.

  4. Marchelle says:

    My blackberry app world hasn’t worked from the moment I
    Got my blackberry phone, it freaken SUCKS!!! :(, I NEED help
    Please . . . .

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