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I recently bought a new Jabra Bluetooth headset and accidentally found a really nice app to go along with my new headset. The app was created by Talkhouse a company dedicated to speech processing solutions. Talkhouse has created a music server software that can be controlled by voice commands using your Blackberry.

You just need to install the Talkhouse music server on a windows machine with Bluetooth. You then install the Talkhouse software for the Blackberry called Zak-a-Phone. After you install their Blackberry software you can pair via Bluetooth your server with your Blackberry.

Using the Bluetooth connection have now have a working Blackberry remote that you can control your music sever by speech recognition. Making song searches is fast, you just need to say the song you like and or use the keypad on your Blackberry to make a search. The order of songs is displayed in your Blackberry so change the order of the songs. I’m completely in love with this software and it work great for parties and events. Their Blackberry Software is free but you can show your support by purchasing a multiple playlist add on, but the music server still works and plays all the popular media formats including FLAC (lossless audio).

Download: Talkhouse Music Server Windows
Download OTA: Talkhouse Blackberry Remote App

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  1. Julio says:

    this link ota is error

    please, post again a correct link 🙂


  2. john survive says:

    I love this

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