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When I had to chance to go around Europe, I had my ASUS EEE with a Systran home translator. It was awkward carrying it around and have to say really geeky. All I really want is a good anguage translator for my Blackberry. Finding a good one is really hard and they often don’t translate properly. But things are changing and I’m happy to say I found one translator software worth installing.


bbtrans language translator
BBtrans is app that allows you to translate sentences to different major languages. It uses different online translation services such a Systrans ( Babel Fish ), Google Translate and Freetranslation. I prefer using Systran or Google Translate as the source of the translation.
Overall bbtrans is going to be a very useful app for travelers who don’t want to carry anything bulky.

download link: BBtran translator

Navita – Translator

navita language translator for the blackberry

navita translator blackberry

Navita translator is a free five language translator for your Blackberry. Its similar to bbtrans also made with a very simple interface. I don’t know what translation engine they are using but it seems to be okay and fast enough. My officemate claims the German translation works well and is usable. I do wish the Spanish translation could have been better but Navita does work fast enough to help you out when you need to communicate with someone right away.

Developers webite: Navita Translator
Download link OTA: Navita Translator for the Blackberry

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18 Responses to Blackberry Language Translator Freeware

  1. PITUSA says:

    Hola.Es compatible con la Storm?Gracias

  2. RAAJ says:

    When i use and save downloding link its creat only a icon on my desk topand icon is not working

  3. Steve says:

    Works fine for me. Good tool to have.

  4. DapperDan says:

    The BOLD 9000 requires a somewhat different download to handle the WiFi capabilities… You can find it by using your blackberry browser and go to the installation link: GREAT on my 9000.

  5. Brandi says:

    I don’t think this version is compatible with the Storm. I installed the application successfully but could not get it to scroll or select any options except the first one.

  6. I loved the integration with e-mail and browser that Navita BB translator offers. This feature allows me to translate e-mails and websites just clicking on the menu and translate with Navita. Thanks for the app. It´s great! They are using google translate engine. I asked them.

  7. TYLER says:

    alright im tryin to use it through my app loader n its not working, wat am i doin wrong

  8. Emilytw says:

    BBtran works on my Blackberry-Curve-8320. And KUDO (great thanks)to Sergey on his instructions that I am able to download the app to my handset without the needs to connect to the Internet. YOU ROCK Sergey!

  9. Hector R says:

    NAVITA is not working for me. My BB Pearl send the message “Uncaught exeption: java.lang.illegalArgumentException”

  10. Chief Psycho says:

    This is fantastic stuff. Thanks a million!

  11. Cynzz says:

    Can someone tell me how to move and use the translator on the blackberry?

  12. --- Sonu says:


  13. rocco says:

    emilytw…hey cn u guide me hw to do dat.dwnload the app without cnnct to internet??

  14. al'FRED'o says:

    It works fine…I like it!!!

  15. vern elliott says:

    how do you upload the spanish translator?

  16. naghma says:

    Its downloaded successfully but not working its showing me the same text what I wrote I want to translate from Hindi to English

  17. I am getting frustrated I want an app for my contact who speaks spainish I just want to be able to write him something in english but when he receives it it will be in spainish I can not find an app for this only I do not need it for email just for my sms to my friends

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