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Mara Tick

Mara Tick is a simple free list manager. You can create your own set of list for anything you want. Creating a new list is so easy you just enter a name or description of your list and it will ask you set a deadline on when you should complete the list. If you set a completion date Mara Tick will even display a reminder in your Blackberry’s calendar on when it’s due.
The main screen is very neat it will show you all the names of the list you’ve created and a leaf icon which represents the progress bar. Entering a new item inside your list is very easy, with the built it vocabulary you only have to enter a few letters and it will finished it for you.

I love using Mara Tick and I have to give credit to the developer for creating a software so useful for everyone to use in there Blackberry. I’ve enjoyed using it and I’m sure everyone who loves keeping their lives organize is going to enjoy using Mara Tick. The best part about is its free and you can create as many list as you want.

developer site: Mara Tick
download: Mara Tick Blackberry

Got-2 Task Management

The people from Gwhizmobile just released a really great task management or todo list software. It so rich with features I’m having a hard time believing that its free. Got-2 enables you to create list and even sub-list of the things you have to do. You can cross of the list you have completed with the 3 different views you can use. I usually use the agenda view which I think makes things even more simple. But the list view and even the geographical view is great.

What makes Got-2 even more unique is its GPS integration or location base alerts. Imagine being alerted to get the dry cleaning since your near the area. Its a feature a lot of people need if you want to save time and maybe save you from making a second trip with your car.

– One easy to read screen with collapsible lists, subtasks, and agenda items.
– Choose your preferred view: simple list or week agenda.
– Get alerts based on time or location
– Share tasks and lists via email
– Prioritize-as-you-go by moving items up/down
– Keep track of progress by marking off tasks, appointments, agenda items, and subtasks.
– Stores data in BlackBerry Tasks and Calendar – sync with Outlook and Google calendar.
– Location integration with Google or BlackBerry maps.

download: Got-2 Task Management
OTA: Maratick

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22 Responses to Free Blackberry Shopping List & Todo List Software

  1. FitMom2Be says:

    Great little program! Much cleaner than SplashShopper – and free! Love it 🙂

  2. Love says:

    new to blackberyy, how do i get this on my blackberry

  3. Love says:

    how do i install on blackberry?

  4. Joby says:

    This is a wow ! I have been hunting around for a ‘Trip’ List for a long long time. While this is not a ‘Trip’ List, I have adapted this one and it works just great ! Shared it with a number of my collegues – they love it too !

  5. Tara says:

    this isn’t mac compatible is it?? bc its not working

  6. Sharol says:

    Sweet little program with handy keyboard shortcuts for adding items. I love the ability to move items within a list. Better than other programs that cost $$.

  7. Juan says:

    this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! easy to use, edit, etc…better than stuff u pay for!!!

  8. missnesh says:

    Mara Is AWESOME!! I just loaded it and already its been a huge help…Thanks!!

  9. MÂȘLorena says:

    I have it and I love it One major problem though: I just upgraded my system software and it deleted every slingle ist and every single item in every single list!!!!! The app was there but I had to retype everything all over again because the app does NOT backup your lists when you sync. Please keep that in mind.

  10. MÂȘLorena says:

    I have MaraTick and I love it. One major problem though: I just upgraded my system software and it deleted every single list and every single item in every single list!!!!! The app was there but I had to retype everything all over again because the app does NOT backup your lists when you sync. Please keep that in mind.

  11. sanmy says:

    907 invalid COD Unable to import zip file.i get this error message when its halfway dwnloaded 🙁

  12. fendant says:

    Does anyone share their lists??

  13. Hi, does this work on Bold?

  14. Mike says:

    The ota link for mara is dead. Does anyone know where else I can download it ota?

  15. That link is dead but here is the correct one:

    in there, there is a link for OTA

  16. Ok, it looks like several of the URL posted for this freeware – which is excellent by the way – are wrong or perhaps they have changed the link. Here is the location where I downloaded the software today, July 17 2009:

  17. N says:

    I just downloaded MaraTick – I love it! When I used my Palm, I used HandyShopper and haven't been able to find a shopping list application for Blackberry that I like as much. I am SO happy to have found this!

  18. Lou says:

    Downloaded Shopping on my new Tour. Icon apperas on BB screen. when clicked to open message:”Uncaught exception: java.langError”. What's this and how can I get software to work?
    Thank you.

  19. i would love maratick except i can't figure out how to select pre-loaded vocabulary on it. I tried space, enter, hitting the roller ball…everything. Won't select it at all. Any suggestions? i would really like to use this app but i'm going to have to delete it because it won't save on time if i can't use the dictionary.

  20. I just installed MaraTick on my BB Curve and everything is working alright, but the icon selector. I can't figure out how to change the list icon, I click on it and nothing happens!! It's like it is not readable. Can anybody help me out?

  21. Bolanle says:

    Just installed the mara tick on my bold 9700.Thanx. Loving it. links to the got-2 task management however are dead. could you pls look into this

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