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Is a free media player which I wanted to post for a long time, but waited until it was out of beta. Now I’ve been using xPlayer for a few months and I think its a great media player everyone should have in their Blackberry. Not only does it play the usual audio files but plays video files in full screen. I’ve converted some videos to my blackberry’s screen size and it looks great. Xplayer has all the characteristics which all media players should have speed and simplicity.

download xplayer: link
alternative download: link
developer: link

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  1. Mr. King says:

    Player won’t play through headphones on my Curve. Always comes out of the speaker. I like how you can set up a playlist but it would be also nice just to have it pick randomly from all of the music like the regular player on Blackberry.

  2. chicograd2 says:

    Hello, Does anyone know how I can convert my mp3 music files so that it willplay on the blackberry xplayer.

  3. Chris says:

    Does anyone know of a audio player for BB that will play .VBK audio files

  4. CC says:

    I have the same problem. It wouldn’t play through the headphones.

  5. woolford says:

    If you’d like xPlayer to play using the headphone jack (or speaker if you have no headphones connected, similar to the Blackberry media player) then choose ‘Headset’ (below ‘Bluetooth’) from the ‘General’ settings (which can be found by pressing the Blackberry button when you’re in the playlist view).

  6. sct says:

    The radio worked OK (with free trial) but it did not have the kind of music I like and the selection of “stations” was limited. I like folk, americana, roots, alt-country, folk-rock.The media player crashed everytime I tried to open the folder on my SD card with my mp3 files. I have a lot of files — about 2 GB on a 4 GB card – and that may be the problem (though I don’t know whether it really is or isn’t). I tried it several times and just could not get it past the “find files” function. Upon returning to it from a crash, it had one file that it found and that one file played nicely, but I can’t use a one-song player. I deleted it.Scott

  7. Jayashan says:

    how do i install it on phone..i downloaded it from the computer

  8. ghstwtr says:

    did even load my music list, couldn’t play anything

  9. wahid says:

    hey, i downloaded the file but i cant open the file, it’s a .cod file. and how do i download it to my phone, any help?

  10. gary says:

    i downloaded it and how do i get them to my phone

  11. selena says:

    The only complaint I have is the player won't load any of the songs or videos I've paid for- copyrighted ones, I mean. No problem with all the other files, but it irks me that the few I've paid for I can't put on a playlist! Mobiola support is supposed to be looking into the problem but I haven't heard back yet.

  12. Jose says:

    I have alot of videos on my computer. ie .mpg, wmv, realplayer ect.. How do I get them to play on my Blackberry, I have some loaded on my device but when I try to play them I get this warning: “Unsupported File” ??

    • khoula says:

      Well first u have to convert those file with the help of real player then u can send those converted files to BB by bluetooth or some other way u followed before then u can easily watch any video u want goodluck

  13. Mesguerra says:

    Will it play streaming video like youtube on my Curve 8320?

  14. John says:

    I am looking for a Video Player to play clips that are sent in emails on my Curve 8320 will this program work for that or can anybody suggest a program that will?

  15. Does this work on Nextel's 8350i Blackberry?

  16. toddrunge says:

    what can I down load that would let me play adobe flashplayer audio.

  17. nana meandy says:

    I,Ve download it and can’t even see it on my Fone??? Wats rong?

  18. Babs says:

    I can’t play any youtube video via my BB. Please some body help

  19. tony pak says:

    I need a media player for you tube, thank you!

  20. joycerry says:

    my media player does not play out except through an earpiece/head set. and it works perfectly well when answering calls. can anybody please help?

  21. George Olanipekun Ayeni says:

    My Blackberry Cuirve 9220 is just 3months old with me!

  22. George Olanipekun Ayeni says:

    It’s a pleasure and all fun having a Blackberry Smart phone!

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