Blackberry File Manager

ROVE – Mobile File Manager

Rove Mobile File Manager enables you to manage files in your blackberry’s memory and micro SDcard. It also lets you access FTP files ( works great for editing sites ) and windows file sharing ( just figured it out ). ROVE also place extra features like a built in notepad which will enable you to edit txt and
html files. They also gave it the ability to upload and download files, just like a full featured
ftp software. I love the built it in notepad which I think makes this a must have software in your Blackberry and I still can’t believe its free.

Download: Rove Mobile File Manager

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22 Responses to Blackberry File Manager

  1. Kekin says:

    I tried it on my 8100. It always takes too long to start up and I tried to move some 4MB files but all it showed was the sand clock. This app is too slow.

  2. Does not read my memory card, making it completely useless. Ran slow, as well. Good idea, though! Would love to see an improvement, or a similar product expand upon the idea.

  3. WhiteRonin says:

    There are 2 versions of Mobile File Manager. One for older handhelds without memory cards and one for newer handhelds. Rove Technical Support can help if you have the wrong one installed by accident.Rove support will also be happy to help with any other questions.

  4. I can’t believe they give this for free… Config was easy, hands down simplified my media card/file integration. ROVE IS LOVE!

  5. Steve says:

    Really nice app here. Does sftp, cifs & ftp. I'm using the Wi-Fi connection on a Curve. I found the application itself is fast, while transfer speed using sftp is around 10K. Methinks this is a hardware limitation… Suggestion 1: Would be nice to “hide” (background) the app during long transfers. Suggestion 2: Provide a clean exit if one tries to interrupt a transfer. Excellent program – thanks !

  6. pet-id says:

    When I try to start the Mobile File Manager, my BB8830 writes: Error starting MFM: Module ‘net_rim_ecmascript’ not found.Whats happend?

  7. Brian A says:

    I loaded the app and was amazed to see that Zumobi had left a boatload of files behind after I removed the application. I was able to remove all but one that seems to be invisible or write-protected. Is there a way to see “hidden” files?

  8. kan says:

    I tried using this on my BB curve 8320 (TMO) and while it shows only lists device memory and network. I am unable to view files on my sd card. How can this be resolved?

  9. LA says:


  10. ctempleton3 says:

    Product is no longer available for download.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Rove’s Mobile File Manager is discontinued as of September 16, 2008<>

  11. Alick says:

    So pity… “..Mobile File Manager or Mobile Citrix Client, please note that both products have been discontinued.”Please? help to find it.

  12. lsavitsky says:

    I have archive downloaded. How to setup the app?

  13. Peter says:

    Why don’t you test the “Cortado Connect” File-Manager. You get 1 GB free online-storage at and you can access it easily from your BlackBerry.

  14. melvina says:

    I have a problem with how to download file manager application..It doesn’t work or open from my bb..
    Can u help me,please?thans..

  15. selena says:

    BEIKS has an ftp app that is working very well on my BB curve- its fast & pretty easy to use, uploads files, downloads files, explores the sd card, etc.
    It is free to download although there is a registered version, the trial version is full featured & there is no expiration. The only difference is that with the $10 registration, BEIKS gives you a 'locker space' so you have the option to re-download if you upgrade your phone or switch phones. To use the free version indefinitely all you have to do is ignore the registration prompts.
    There is a Blackberry specific version on

  16. Liz says:

    BBFileScout looks like a winner to choose as a replacement App. I just discovered this app. tonight 8/12/09. If you like it and use it, author only requests you make a donation of more than .50cents, which only seems fair.

  17. I have archive downloaded. How to setup app?

  18. Sketch Man says:

    Did someone say it was DISCONTINUED?!? I downloaded it to my PC for use on my curve 8330 yesterday and it works great. Did it really get discontinued or have I misunderstood someone?
    Great app!!

  19. Sudipta says:

    The Goecites link was down. Perhaps Yahoo has removed geocities. Please send a link where we can donload the same now.

  20. Marioco says:

    i downloaded the BeamExplorer software, is free and it's works fine on my BB Bold

  21. tai says:

    how can i install the file manager in my bb 8520 phone

  22. kamidanemariam tamrat yilma says:

    please is there anyone who can help me how can I use my
    Blackberry 9500 storm mobile to download on applications
    and different browsers here in Ethiopia?

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