Blackberry SpreadSheet Freeware

GridMagic – Community Edition

Gridmagic CE – Is a free spreadsheet for the blackberry. It has some great features that will come in handy for for some light data entry and calculations. It works great as a light spreadsheet for your Blackberry useful for making lists or for balancing your checkbook.

download: Gridmagic Community Edition

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9 Responses to Blackberry SpreadSheet Freeware

  1. Thomas says:

    Apologies, evidently after the trial period of 15 days, the full version downgrades to the Community Edition. This could have been made clearer on the GridMagic site, but hey, I still made the mistake, apologies.

  2. Life-Drive says:

    Thanks for the comments Thomas, I should have mentioned it in my post.

  3. Mr. King says:

    Good program, works well, reasonably priced for the full version. Can we program macros in it? That would rock!

  4. Ron says:

    can you load standard Excel files with this app or do they need to be created on the blackberry?

  5. Life-Drive says:

    Looks like the community edition can’t open excel files, correct me if I’m wrong. A free version of sheet to Go can open xls files but its just a viewer unless you upgrade.

  6. Pino says:

    Can we upload or download excel 2003 spreadsheet ?

  7. It will open files created on Excel, but you have to save them in 2003-2000 version with the xls ending.

  8. Grandma_c says:

    I'm new to blackberry and only have email access on my phone. Is there a way to install blackberry apps that doesn't require web access?

  9. Philippe says:

    So, once it downgrades to the “Community Edition” can you only read or can one still do basic functions? p

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