Micro Blogging Client for the Blackberry

Twitter Apps

Little Chirp

LittleChirp is a very simple twitter software which allows you to post tweets. The app is only composed  of two menus, a log in screen and menu to send new tweets. LittleChirp is the most simple twitter client I have ever used, it only does one thing ( send tweets ) and does it very well.

download LittleChirp for the Blackberry OTA: http://m.naviina.eu

Imageshack Twitter App

It seems a lot of twitter apps are out lately, which is great for Blackberry users. Imageshacks’s twitter client is a simple app which allows you to send and receive tweets like other popular twitter apps  but what  makes it special from the rest of the twitter clients is the integration of  Imageshack’s photo hosting service. You can now simply upload an image to Imageshack using their twitter software and share it with everyone. It makes a perfect twitter client to those who what to leave their laptop. Imageshack is one of the top 5 image hosting service making it a safe bet your images wont go away but like anything online its good to make backup.

download Imageshack Twitter App OTA: Imageshack Blackberry

OpenBreak ( formerly known as Twitterberry )

Twitterberry is a blackberry client for Twitter which is a micro blogging site. Twitter allows you to send SMS , Email , IM to update your micro blog. You also get updates from your friends blogs via RSS, email and IM. There are currently several twitter applications that allow you to use twitter to update your Google calendar or give you alerts when important events come up.

download twitterberry: link

Twibble ( beta )

I’m a huge twitter fan, and currently use twitterberry. Here’s an alternative you can use which has a few more features to make your twitter experience more interesting.

– Post twits via GPRS, WIFI, UMTS ( BIS, BES would have been great ) or via sms.
– Auto retrieve your tweets
– Open links from tweets ( Which it would use Opera mini and not BB broswer)
– Add friends
– Messages and Tweets are sorted my date.
– Data transmission or data traffic savings features.

Note: Twibble only works with newer Blackberry phones. Developers are currently making improvements for twibble on the Blackberry.

download twibble : link

Jaiku Apps


Jaikuberry is a low bandwidth Blackberry application for Jaiku. The name
Jaiku came from the Japanese word Haiku which are short poems about life.

Today people use Jaiku to update friends and family on whats happening in their lives by logging in short entries about what they are doing. You also get updates from your friends or family on their Jaiku entries creating a long conversation of peoples lives.

download and instructions: link

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