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ShapeServices IM + Lite for the Blackberry ( Skype Client )

IM+ Lite Skype Software

IM+ is a great universal chat client for the Blackberry. Shapeservices has now made a free version calling it IM+ Lite. The app still a great instant messenger client but has a small ad space within the chat application  to support their company. IM+ is currently the best alternative to the Blackberry Skype Client that only works for Verizon Blackberry Phones. I’m still waiting for years for Skype to come out with a client that works with all Blackberry phones, thank goodness for IM+ for putting Skype on the Blackberry.

IM+ Lite works great  and is compatible with all the popular Instant messenger services ( Skype, Twitter, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo IM and many more). Installing IM+ Lite is just a matter of making an OTA install and going through the connection setting done automatically by the application.

I love using this software, it does what its supposed to do really well. Shapeservices did a great thing by making this app free for everyone.

download OTA IM+ Lite:

ISkoot – Skype VOIP and Chat Software ( Service is Discontinued)

ISkoot is freeware that enables you to use Skype on your mobile phones and now the Blackberry. The software is still in BETA. ISkoot has an agreement with Skype to use their network. Now you can use your Skype account to make calls and send instant messages.
ISkoot uses your voice plan to connect to their server when you make and receive Skype calls so be careful if your not in North America , you might get long distance charges. Although Iskoot is still working on trying to improve their software the chat function works great and helps me get in touch with everyone in my office.

I’m hoping Iskoot will release a new version that uses BIS, BES or TCP to make calls instead of dialing a US number which will make you incur local charges. Just remember that although Iskoot is free using it will still cost you.

Until they make some changes Iskoot still has a great Instant messaging function which makes it worth using.

ISkoot currently supports the following Phones: ( local charges apply when you make voice calls)
BlackBerry 7100
BlackBerry 7500
BlackBerry 7700
BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
BlackBerry 8300 Curve
BlackBerry 8700
BlackBerry 8800
BlackBerry 8900
BlackBerry 9000 Bold

ISkoot : Link
Download : LinkUser Guide PDF: link

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61 Responses to Skype Client Freeware

  1. Jerry says:

    I have tried for 3 days to download this software. It never sends an email or a message to my phone. I need help?

  2. Life-Drive says:

    Hi Jerry Try using the send via SMS option and copy the special link or URL to your blackberry browser to download the .jar file that you can use for your phone.I just tried this right now and I recieve the sms in seconds. Hope this helps you.

  3. Arturo says:

    Hi, I download the software to my blackberry 8700 whith unlimited data plan, but I realized that this software uses my voice plan to make calls, not only the data plan. So, if I wanna call I have to pay Voice plan + Skype Credit…No so useful…

  4. Life-Drive says:

    hi Arturo, Your are right about the local charges you get when you make calls through Iskoot. I’ve been using it just for the chat. Its also alarming to now that when your not in North America it dials a US number to receive and make calls. But the chat function is great until Skype finally makes a real software or skype client for the Blackberry.

  5. Poseido says:

    THats right is only good for the chat

  6. Jaoued Ahmed says:

    Have installed it but login fails all the time. Just abut to remove it.

  7. timbirder says:

    can’t log in either – bummed. wonder what gives – tried many things – including making sure I was logged out from my laptop, etc. any ideas?

  8. Abe says:

    Hi, im using a BB 8300 Curve.1. am i able to use this software?2. which is the correct dowload processThank you

  9. Sunny says:

    This works well when your phone has wireless internet and can connect to a hot spot.

  10. j says:

    does this service require the extra “data plan?” or will it operate with a basic call service? thanks.

  11. nfreris says:

    i managed to download it via sms, (email never sent), but it is not possible to log in either

  12. Polat says:

    I have been using this application for almost a year now. It works flawlessly. However, it is not a VoIP application it simply:1- Logs in to you Skype account over the mobile internet2- Lets you dial out from your contact lit by using3- it then uses very efficient and innovative CALL-BACK method to dial the contact number and switches to the PHONE line in order to establish the voice communication with the contact.Therefore, it is better quality voice quality-wise since it uses regular voice service of your operator.Yes, it uses your airtime, but airtime is virtually unlimited nowadays.To pay 3 cents a minute to call Europe is worthed.I would not pay a monthly service for iSkoot after this Beat become regular service. I would not however mind to pay one time fee of something like $15.

  13. alpha says:

    I have been using ISkoot for almost a year and I love it. I am not a real chat person but have several family members in Ireland and the UK. The fact that I can call them from my cell phone and pay only Skype prices is really great.For anyone in my situation or similiar, I would highly recommend it. Thanks.

  14. Stephen says:

    So, I’m trying to understand the benefit of this software. Unless I misunderstand, the benefit is two-fold:1) You can make long-distance calls while only paying local rates. (i.e. Making local calls this way would cost the same as using your regular mobile phone service.)2) You could use this service to call a number that you might not want showing up on your corporate Blackberry’s phone records. The records would show you calling the Skype access number, not the actual number you’re trying to connect to.Am I right on both counts? Are there other benefits I haven’t thought of?

  15. nay says:

    I too had a problem signing into my skype account once it had loaded to my blackberry curve… but it’s now working.on my computer i changed my password and restarted it up and then used the new password on my phone and it worked.. don’t know if that was the sulution or if i just got lucky.. but it’s worth a try..

  16. Annie Mac says:

    Hi all I want is to use skype for chat I have unlimited internet access on my BB pearl do I need to worry about additional charges?

  17. Ken says:

    I am based in the Caribbean, therefore I need it to only use the data package otherwise it would be at overseas prices

  18. Iskoot uses wifi or edge?, because im trying to chat with my bb using edge but iskoot doesn’t connect.

  19. Benjamin says:


  20. abdul says:

    I installed the software. The iskoot email worked for me.My understanding is if you want to make a Skype call to a PC (not POTS), then your only cost is airtime. To the best of my experimentation, there is no way to force Iskoot to use wifi rather than place a phone call. [I am using a T-mobile 8320).If you want to skype to a POTS, then the Skype charge takes effect. For something domestic, this would be stupid if you are a T-mobile customer since my plan is nationwide. Now from the setup, if you want to receive a skype call, you need to use skype minutes. That is, it is not like you are on a computer receiving skype. I’ll do some more testing and do another post. I’m going to investigate fring, since I have the 4.5 OS, perhaps it will work.

  21. Hermes says:

    I tryed the programm and it works.Im surprised if i receive a call or i make a call to a pc im gonna use my skypeout credit, and it shouldn’t be like that.

  22. serkan says:

    HiiI ve just bought with unlimited internet connection blackberry bold,can I use this software for mine and asloI am not sure, my skype calls to any PC is gonna be charged

  23. Life-Drive says:

    hi serkan thats great you got a Blackberry Bold, I’m still holding on to my curve until I get a Storm.Using Iskoot you can chat for free. But the moment you make a skype to phone, it will use your skype credits. Skype to Skype calls should be free, but be aware Iskoot will dial a local number whenever you make any call. hope that helps, I place a link so you can download Iskoot user guide.

  24. Andy Church says:

    got it working in one shot. the Sms to my phone worked effortlessly. I was calling my handset from the laptop within 3 minutes. Pretty slick stuff.

  25. farrelldoc says:

    Does this software work on the Storm? It’s not listed. – thanks

  26. Hi. I tried the software with very good results for about 3 days,then it was impossible to sign in again.I removed the battery,waited 10 seconds and it worked…for another 3 days. Since then no connection!!!Anybody has a cure for this?ThanksGreg

  27. eddy2611 says:


  28. eddy2611 says:


  29. Andres says:

    ¿it works in a BB storm?

  30. ayra's says:

    is there any possibility to install it in Blackberry Bold (9000). Thanks

  31. ayra's says:

    Hi, may I know – is there any possibility to install it in Blackberry Bold (9000). Thanks

  32. dvgoogle says:

    I have a BB 8830. iSkoot is working great BUT – I cannot figure out how to get it to notify me with I have an incoming chat. In the options I have selected notify but it does not. Any suggestions?

  33. Nabeel says:

    Can this be used in the blackberry 8900

  34. Dominic says:

    I have a unlimited texting and internet plan will i be charged at all

  35. Dominic says:

    if i have unlimited data(internet) plans on my phone i also have unlimited text messaging planes will i be charged

  36. Ria Dermawan says:

    i install it to my bold. ^^ working. but still do not know how to chat hahaha

  37. Laurie says:

    I could use some help.. want to put skype on my 8830 and i tried the download link and nothing happens.. went to and no phones even like the blackberry show up so not sure what i'm doing wrong.. too smart for me. . lol need some help with it. thanks

  38. dinosoles says:

    Has anyone tried to download it to an 8900?

  39. Peter King says:

    Hi Everybody!

    Downloaded iSkoot after receiving sms. Couldn't sign in and removed the program. Then read about removing battery and trying again. Re-installed program and managed to log in. The software asked me whether I wanted to receive calls to my mobile via Skype and I said No, because I'm not sure whether the phone would then dial a US number!

    By the way, I live in Hong Kong and am using it on a Blackberry 8310. I do not use the Blackberry services, but have an unlimited data plan via Peoples, who I reckon provide a first class service at around US$12 per month including voice calls and SMS!

    I use Gmail and Google Maps instead of the Blackberry package (which would cost me around US$50 per month!), and they both work perfectly!

    Cheers :o)

  40. To those of you who say that this program is only useful for chat because it uses your voice minutes+Skype credit when you make a call:

    Consider this:

    Yes, you're right. But let's say you're in the US and calling the UK. iSkoot will cost you LOCAL voice minutes and give you $0.02/minute to call the UK. MUCH cheaper than picking up your mobile and calling the UK direct.

    So, no, if you're making in-country calls, it's not worth it. But if you're making international calls, it rocks.

  41. towfu019 says:

    I've just installed in my blackberry bold and the calls don't work eventhough its the skype account of my friend that I'm calling. Also, how come when I try to call it dials a USA number?

  42. farrelldoc says:

    Has anyone tried to install this software on the BlackBerry Storm – 9530?

    I would only use the chat feature, so it doesn't matter if the calling feature works on the Storm. Thanks!

  43. Balsam says:

    Does is works on Curve 8930?

    Do i pa anything for receiving calls if i have unlimited data plan?


  44. Sept 23, 2009 Does it work on the Tour 9630?

  45. Pandora says:

    Would this with BB 8330?

  46. rao says:

    Can i use it on blacberry bold

  47. Pandora says:

    works on my bb curve 8330

  48. Miramar says:

    If skype-calling from the Caribbean to Europe, does anyone know if it costs you only the skype-credits?

  49. karim_au says:

    I was just wondering that if i was to dowload this and i already had a skype account with credits on it could i make calls using my skype credits rather than the per minute costs of my service provider??

  50. google says:

    I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I have a BB 8330 and it works great. No more sitting at my laptop or buying calling cards. Just call the Skype account and keep going like it's a regular call. And best of all it's free. =)

  51. g6prachy says:

    sir im a user from BANGLADESH,an ASIAN country,i just want to convert my blackberry8800,v4.2.1.101 to 4.3 will it be possible.plz help me sir. N.B it is a gift frm my uncle hailed in belgium.

  52. Gerard says:

    I use Iskoot since a year or so, very helpful but so unstable! Crashes all the time, needs a complete reboot on daily basis. Too bad, Skype is so important in our daily life now, personal and business.

  53. joe_na_tan says:

    I live in Thailand and I have some questions:

    Is the “skype to skype call” from Thailand to Thailand is free of charge?

    Is the “skype to skype call” from Thailand to other countries is free of charge?

    If there is a charge, how much does it costs. Please kindly give me answers.Thanks…

  54. Paolo says:

    Please be aware that using Iskoot out the US is only good for chat. Iskoot dials a US number to make calls so if your outside the country you will still be making an international call.

  55. leilahkarim says:

    hi, i can i download skype on my bb 8900? if skype is not possible, which other program is compatible with my mobile? i would like the program which does not charge me, like Iskoot. I am in india and have to always be in touch with my family in (eastern) africa. please advice a suitable software. thank you.

  56. Jeanne says:

    Please help!what user name and password do I use?

  57. Hello i use BB 8310 for three years now i am East Africa Tanzania so can i use skype for this device? for calling and chatting second when i connect BB to PC or Laptop does not respond anything i tried to change diferrent USB cabble but nothing still charging only plz i need your help..

  58. iSkoot is dead as of Jan 2011.

    Maybe Apple paid Skype to screw up their BB app release.

  59. Rocky says:

    Why don’t people ask decent questions and get decent answers that can be shared amongst everyone for the benefit of knowledge. I have a question; is there an application for blackberry 9300 on skype profile, that uses BIS on the Cell C Network in South Africa? How about that?

  60. I want to talk with my friend by voice chat with skype

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