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Documents to Go is a suit of software which contains a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and PDF viewer. You won’t be able the get these software unless you buy them. But on the bright side dataviz offers a free version of documents to go bundled in the Blackberry OS 4.5. The free version if you don’t already have them contains only Word to Go and Slide Show to Go. Bellow are some instructions on how to get Sheet to Go ( Spreadsheet ).

1. Upgrade your phones OS to 4.5 ( Ask advise from your provider regarding this or search your telco’s Blackberry website if upgrades are available for you)
2. The upgrade should install Documents to Go,now you need to upgrade it to get Sheet to Go.
3. Click on documents to Go and click on word to Go. Click on the menu key and look for the update option.
4. It will now force you to register, hey its still free software.
5. Lastly to avoid your Desktop Manager from reverting your upgrade to your old version of Documents to navigate to C:/program files/common files/research in motion/loader files//
6. Rename DocumentsToGo.alx to DocsToGo.old.
7. Thats it..

Beam Reader

The people from beamberry just developed a native PDF viewer for the Blackberry. Its currently in BETA stage but works really well and renders PDF pages nicely on my Curve. Its currently free unitil October 31, until they decide on the pricing. I’m hoping the people from Beamberry Solutions make a free version of Beam Reader making it a standard a native PDF viewer for the Blackberry.

download link: Beam Reader Beta ( Free until Oct 31 )

Update: Beamberry is no longer free, I’m currently looking for a free replacement.

Beamberry is a powerful document viewer that can open PDF files and office document files ( PDF, Word, PPT, XLS, RTF, ZIP ) . I love the fact that I can save email attachments and actually view them in my Blackberry even if I’m using my old BB 7290.

Update: Beamberry is no longer free, I’m currently looking for a free replacement.
download information: link

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24 Responses to Document File Viewer

  1. drjdawg says:

    Very pleased with the quality of this software. Very fast on my 8703e

  2. Arturo says:

    I download it to my 6800, but it always display an error message saying is unable to conect the server… please help.

  3. Life-Drive says:

    hi arturo please try sending an email to customer support. I usually get a reply from them the following day.

  4. ER says:

    I just downloaded “document file viewer”. How do i scroll right and left?

  5. Adi says:

    does not work with Corporate BES

  6. mrakus says:

    successful install on t-mobile blackberry 8100. Loads my buddy list. Haven’t talked to anyone yet but i’m sure its gonna work. Dials a phone number in MA. I’m already planning on spending all of my minutes on this thing. Great idea for doing around t-mobile’s overpriced snail web plan. i’m actually planning to keep the phone.

  7. Life-Drive says:

    The Blackberry 8100 is a solid Phone. Nothing beats having an unlimited data plan. I cant stand getting those surprise 3 digit bill I had with my old treo 650.

  8. snkama84 says:

    Tried installing onto my 8100 Pearl. I’m getting the following error message:Error starting beamberry:Module‘beamberry-1’not foundOK.I tried pulling the battery and doing a fresh start, as well as retrying the OTA install. Any other recommendations?Thansk

  9. P@chuko says:

    I have an 8100 as well & I can’t scroll left & right either… any suggestions anyone?

  10. Russell says:

    I have a 8100 I cant even register just get Forbidden, any ideas ?

  11. Bill says:

    This is not freeware. Got an email said 10 days then to continue $29.00

  12. Bill says:

    This isn’t freeware folks.

  13. arthur says:

    Beamberry is now charging for this service….is there a different one for free?

  14. Life-Drive says:

    I’m still looking for a free replacement, I do have some possible substitutes but I’m still trying out to see if its stable enough.

  15. John says:

    could you listthe substitutes for those of us who dont mind a little instability?

  16. jybakeem says:

    Any luck with the free document viewer search?

  17. Liany says:

    Hi, i download the new version of the docs to go, but i can’t do the instructions on my computer…What should i do???

  18. Liany says:

    Hi, i download the new version of the docs to go, but i can’t do the instructions on my computer…What should i do???

  19. DoN Collins says:

    Any luck with free replacement of beamberry pdf viewer.

    Waiting for your favorable reply.


  20. Rocky says:

    Hi simple there any way just to view pdf files on my bb9300? I can only view word, excel and powerpoint right now..

  21. Steven Smith says:

    @Rocky the most simple way to view pdf is to email it yourself.
    1. Download pdf in your browser and save to memory card.
    2. Use file manager or file and look for that pdf and email it to your self.
    3. Wait for the email and open the pdf document. You should be able to view it.
    4. Why can’t you just open the pdf that you saved directly to your mem card, I’m not sure but RIM need to fix this problem and make it simple for everyone.

    Another alternative is to buy a premium version of a software called documents to go and use the pdf viewer that comes with the package. This is going to cost you money since its an premium version of docs to go.

  22. Anthony Arhin says:

    What I have open my files so need a better one

  23. Anthony Arhin says:

    How can I download

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