Blackberry Mortgage Calculator

J2ME Free Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculator is simple and fast. You just enter the loan amount, loan term and Interest rate. Just press the button and it will calculate the amounts you have to pay.

developer: Divide Perini
supported devices: Works with the Blackberry Pearl
download: link

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7 Responses to Blackberry Mortgage Calculator

  1. how do you run this file? It seems to be a .jar file. Can I load it directly to my 8700? Or do I have to convert it to .cod?Thanks,

  2. Life-Drive says:

    Hi PhillipYou have to convert it to .cod ill try to see if I have one thats already converted.

  3. bbacon says:

    I tried to get this for my new bberry curve. I put it on my lap top and then I tried to open the file and got nothing. I am not the most computer savy person alive. what do I do about the download???

  4. sblantipodi says:

    <>Hi, a new version of this wonderful software has been release.<>Download the new version here:< HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>

  5. Victor says:

    The new file is still in jar format. Is there a jar to cod or alx for the Mac?

  6. Carol says:

    I downloaded the new version, but BB says it needs to be .alx or .ali file. Next steps…?Carol

  7. sblantipodi says:

    Released a new powrfull version of this calc with both COD and ALX file.

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