Blackberry Stock Ticker Freeware

Stock Viewer

Track your stock on your Blackberry. This software displays real time stock quotes ( NYSE and NASDAQ ) plus you can bookmark your favorite stocks for easy access.

1. Access the quotes in real time (9:30 – 17:00 EST)
2. Ask/Bid price of a stock
3. Much less wireless traffic

Download: Link
Over the Air: Link

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11 Responses to Blackberry Stock Ticker Freeware

  1. Stuart says:

    Great little app. However, it would be nice to be able to add stock symbols that have a “-” in them like Berkshire Hathaway BRK-A and BRK-BThanks,

  2. acarter12 says:

    i have a bb pearl with tmobile i can not get the app to work at all i either get a open tunnel failure or wap gatewayip needs to be assigned and ip address can anyone help me plssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Life-Drive says:

    hi please go to and tell them about your problem. il look for an alternative stock ticker for you.

  4. acarter12 says:

    ty microhill stop responding to my emails what is the name of the app on marketfilter or how do i find the 1 u are talking about?

  5. Life-Drive says:

    hi acarter12 my mistake its here’s a direct

  6. acarter12 says:

    im still getting an error it says error pulling stock data what do i do now?

    • tjoa tjitra says:

      Dear Black berry Manager, my Black Berry torch can not connect to market filter for getting stock data price.
      how could we make an correct setting ?
      the test result as follow: test 0 failed:no paramater,test 1 failed: deviceside=true,test 2 failed :deviceside=false ,test 3 failed:deviceside=true; interface =wifi

  7. Life-Drive says:

    hi acarter12 Please ask your service provider to check if your tcp/apn has been set. This could be the reason why your applications can’t connect to the internet.You can access it from your home screen, and go to TCP. Check if the following information has been filled up or is missing, if not call up your carrier and ask for them.APN:Username for APN:Password for APN:WAP Gateway IP:WAP Gateway Port:

  8. Peter says:

    trying to OTA the blackberry stock ticker freeware on my verizon pearl and it is sayingerror: invalid manifest or application descriptorthe “MIDIet-Name” attribute is missing.

  9. John says:

    Hey acarter12 try thisgo to options/advanced options/TCPadd

  10. Drew says:

    Is anyone having trouble adding some symbols? For whatever reason, I add some of my symbols and it says they are downloaded but when I refresh, they don't appear in my list. I' ve tried saving, exiting, and starting up the app again but no luck. suggestions?

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