Read Books Via Email in Your Blackberry

There are a lot of Blackberry services out there, this has to be on of my favorite. I use to complain to my wife I never have time to read anything. This service deals with busy people and gives them the time to read books via email. The books comes in divided fragments so you only read a portion which should not take much of your time.

My co-worker tells me he reads ” The Art or War” by Sun Tzu in the bathroom. I guess doctors don’t have much time to do anything. The book “The Art of War” comes in 17 parts so thats so thats 17 days and you can schedule when you want to get it in your Blackberry Phone.

There is one limitation to this service and its the library. The collection is limited to public domain books, I’m hoping the developer could create a way for you to upload your own private collection of books or even some lectures you want to read daily. But considerin the service is free, I would recommend this service to all Blackberry users.

Daily Lit – Link

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5 Responses to Read Books Via Email in Your Blackberry

  1. Andre' says:

    Just a correction to ur review pubic domain…. hoping u mean public 😉i just found it hilarious

  2. Life-Drive says:

    ha, ha 🙂 Thanks Andre.

  3. Riley says:

    the art OF war?

  4. Life-Drive says:

    Thanks Riley! My mistake, I did this post in the subway. Its the Art of War.

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