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Google Mobile Sync – Sync Your Google Calendar

Google has finally came out with an official Google Calendar Sync software for the Blackberry. I was so excited to get this and see it work so efficiently, I must have emailed all of my friends with a Blackberry.

It feels great to make entries with your Blackberry’s native or built it calendar and have it sync with your Google Calendar. I can view my Google Calendar entries even when I don’t have any Internet connection, which happens to me all the time when I travel outside the country.

Google has done a great service to all Google Calendar users who have a Blackberry, I’m sure this is going to make their Calendar service even more popular.

( Copy this link to Your Blackberry’s Browser)
Download link:


There a new synchronization software that would allow you to sync your blackberry phone with your Gmail Account addresses. The software is a small download and comes with instructions on how to make the connection.

Taken from Gcalsync Website:

Carry your Google Calendar in your pocket! GCalSync is an open source application that lets you do a two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and your phone’s built-in calendar. Download events to your phone, or add an event on your phone and upload it to Google Calendar.


  • Download events from Google Calendar to your phone’s calendar
  • Upload events created on the phone
  • If an event has been changed in Google Calendar since last sync it will be updated on the phone
  • Specify time period you want to sync as number of past days (default: 1) and number of future days (default 30)

Download: link

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22 Responses to Blackberry Sync Freeware

  1. Lew Johnson says:

    I’ve been using gcalsync for about a month without difficulty. As a google apps user for email and calendar this is great. No more syncing! And my secretary sees my changes when the calendar is refreshed on his desktop.

  2. Tim says:

    This is a great program, I’d been looking for a way to sync with my Google calendar easily and tried a lot of different methods.

    The only problem I have is the calendar items that I create on my blackberry get added to the calendar each time I sync, so I wind up with multiple entries for the same event… otherwise this works like a charm!!

  3. I can not start this application on my BB7290 because the downloaded code is not signed by the publisher.

  4. Capper20 says:

    I thought turning off upload would fix the duplicate entries but after a save the settings revert.Also all day recurring events don’t show up.Using a Blackberry 8800.

  5. adee says:

    Does this work with Mac? When I download the application, my Macbook Pro says that it can’t recognize the file. Help?

  6. Art says:

    I get this error when clicking the Test link (their spelling, not mine!):Testing HTTP:Failed du to java.lang.RuntimeException: HTTP connection to failed due to could not open tunnel – failedEtc…I wish this worked. It would be the second most useful app in my BB…

  7. Art says:

    Okay, I solved the HTTP error. But, then I get the same error on all three HTTPS tests:Failed due to stream already openAnyone else receive this error and able to get around it?

  8. Amy says:

    Hello…I tried to get to the gcalsync from my blackberry’s browser and it gives me an error 503 message saying that the link is not a valid address. Any suggestions? I tried to use the goosync app, but I have to purchase a third party app from Nexthaus and just don’t have the 40.00 right now. I was hoping that the gcalsync would, please?

  9. Life-Drive says:

    hi amy the entire blackberry community is begging Google to make an Google calendar app. I’m sure they will come out with one eventually. But until then, if your willing to try out a beta version of GcalSync which I heard could fix your problem. But please use it at your own risk I haven’t tried it yet.Download the file in the URL bellow using your BB browser.

  10. David says:

    using a 7130v, and got a questions, how to syn with my yahoo calendar?

  11. Life-Drive says:

    hi david currently there’s no software available to sync your yahoo calendar directly to your blackberry unless you syc yahoo calendar with outlook first.keep an eye on some official Yahoo applications for the Blackerry.

  12. Thomas says:

    when you put an event in your blackberry, do a sync and upload it to google’s calendar then delete it from your blackberry. The next time you sync there is no problem

  13. Billy Leo says:

    My times are all off by 6 or 7 hours./…The phone is gmt and the calendar is gmt so it should be same?anyone?

  14. Oscarblog says:

    just installed the app on my BB Pearl (8130) running on the TELUS network (Canada) and it works like a charm. No issues at all downloading or updating.

  15. JadenLorance says:

    I have installed it on my curve 2 weeks ago 8-3-08.. flawless sync from Thunderbird > Google > to Blackberry.very very impressed… my family members ( with Google acct's ) can add items to Google calendar and i get all notifications.. perfect and well made! no known issues!

  16. Russell says:

    It would be nice to sync other calendars that exist in my google calendar. I have a calendar for my girfriend and one for my kids but the only one I can sync is mine. Is there a way to sync them all to my bb 8330?

  17. Larkin says:

    I have a Blackberry Storm and I can’t this to work with my Google Apps account. Any ideas?

  18. Steve says:

    Google Sync can now also synchronize your BB’s contacts bidirectionally with your Google Contacts. Finally, good-bye Outlook!

  19. RG says:

    why do I keep receiving the following message:HTTPS connection https// Login failed due to Java io IO E exception invalid tunnel name

  20. Travis says:

    I have not used this program but it not necessary if you have google sync (the first application on this page.) I will sync your google calender and address book so it is backed up online.

  21. ARI says:

    I have been using it through all this year and no problems what so ever, it really does work like a charm!

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