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Metro Maps for the Blackberry

new york metro maps london metro maps

Find you way through complicated metro in major cities. The developer is currently giving away 3 metro city maps from major cities. I’m sure more maps will be available as his work progresses with the development of the software. The software works great with my blackberry, so far I was able to test out the New York Metro Map. It came really handy when my wife kept asking me how to get to shopping areas in city which I was able to do with very little trouble.

Key Features:
– Scroll support (use shift key for horizontal scroll) NEW v1.1
– Only local stored maps, no GPRS trafic.
– Quick locator by station name

Download: Metro New York Maps
Developer site: BB Software

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6 Responses to Blackberry Navigation Freeware

  1. rollee says:

    Links no longer seem to work, at least from a blackberry browser.

  2. Life-Drive says:

    hi BlakwolfI think you have to download and install the computer from your PC. It does load but it takes some time, I ended up just using my PC.

  3. Abhi says:

    The link is old.. for version 1.1a. A new version can be got from the provider’s website (1.2)

  4. Turbo says:

    I believe that nav4all is a (better) alternative.

  5. ibbi says:

    which map work here in india(mumbai)

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