Blackberry Launchers Freeware

ShortCut Tools

Blackberry 8700 series shortcut tools

This small software allows you to launch your own homepage in your Blackberry. Creating a local homepage design by you allows you to sellect your favorite Blackberry friendly website.This eliminates the user from haveing to launch the Blackberry browserand still having to click on the bookmarks.

Updated link bellow
download: Blackberry ShortCut Tools

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6 Responses to Blackberry Launchers Freeware

  1. Great piece of software. I would love to find out if the developer offers a commercial version that we could distribute to promote our website.

  2. Life-Drive do you know the developer of Short Cut and if possible could you send us the info to We’re looking at developing something similar to this program and think what they have done is great but want to customize it to link to BBerryOne. Would love to talk further with the developer.

  3. Life-Drive says:

    hi you could try going sending an email to the developer:’m sure they can help you make such mods.

  4. Life-Drive says:

    Hi sorry I just updated the links. Please give credit to the developer.

  5. enotar says:

    Can someone explain how to use that?Pleaseenotar

  6. Linda says:

    I can’t set a URL if I go to the UPDATE button it exits the application. Probably operator issue but would someone guide me??Thanks,

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