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MobiPocket Reader

Finally I have been looking for the perfect ebook reader that was free, Mobipocket is one of the best ebook readers I have used and with the price everyone will enjoy its free. You can also convert you native txt files so they can be opened with Mobipocket.

Note you must install Mobipocket Reader 5 for Windows
inorder to use it on the Blackberry.
download : Mobipocket Windows ( Blackberry )

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18 Responses to Blackberry Ebook Reader Freeware

  1. Miguel C says:

    mobipocket is a must have application for your bb i´ts amazing. Easy to use, powerfull, full of features, intuitive… and free!!! I installed it in my bb Pearl 8100 and it works pretty well. Try it you’ll love it

  2. Miguel C says:

    Amazing a must have!! I have just intalled it in my bb pearl 8100 and works perfectly

  3. Sarolite says:

    I want an eBook reader, and I like free stuff… But I’m out off by the Windows part. I <3 Linux, no compromise for eBooks! Will it work for me somehow?

  4. Cy says:

    As long as you can find ebooks in mobipocket reader format it’s just a matter of copying them to your memory card. It wants them in the ebooks folder on the memory card. Go to and they have instructions on how to install without windows. The downside is that you would have to find ebooks already in mobipocket format (actually not too hard to find).

  5. Martin_y says:

    Problems on curve (8300 BlackBerry). I installed it, but it messed up my Blackberry, removed all my data during install, and keeps saying theres an upadte, but when I click though the update links, it evetually tells me there is no update necessary. then when I connect the device again, it will tell me thre’s and update……

  6. bing says:

    I download this software from the offical web page.It’s quit useful and you can easy continue to read your book by making a book mark.But only support the PRC version books. so you really have to convert other versions and then read.

  7. The best freeware ebook reader in town, in my opinion, is Tom’s eTextreader.

  8. I CAN’T get it to read the ebooks properly on my Curve 🙁

  9. Яша says:

    doesnt work on my bold and it wont uninstall… fail

  10. maniacse says:

    mobipocket is perfect reader. i used it in my nokia, sonyericsson, winmobile and now in my blackberry. very useful is pc app, which can make .pdb file from any other txt formats.

  11. Charles says:

    Maybe I read funny but I can't deal with a reader that only scrolls whole pages at a time. I need to scroll lines.

  12. Milton says:

    quiero probar el software y luego puedo comentar

  13. treehead says:

    Mobipocket is slooooow. Way too slow. I have stopped using it entirely, because it takes far too long to load. If you switch from Mobipocket to another application (to take notes or answer a call, for example), it has to reload again when you switch back. This takes almost 10 seconds every time, and it’s just far too long to wait, especially when you’re trying to read during some quick down time.

  14. Mack says:

    Thanks for your comments, I will not install it in my 8700c.

  15. John D. Ayer says:

    Mobi-pocket as a reader and library manager sucks on the blackberry because it is so resource demanding. Mobi-pocket pays for itself by trying to get you to buy e-books so the program does a lot of things besides just manage a library and read books. This is why so many have problems with it. You have to keep 20 or less books in your library on your BB so disable the sync when connected. Image display sucks too, so stick with books that do not require images. Mobi-pocket can be a semi-useful tool when you understand the enormous limitations of the product.

  16. maniacse says:

    ok, there are so many anti-mobi users 😀 im using mobipocket on all my bberies, and i agree, it is very slow. but are there any other free ebook reader for bberies? ive 8820, 8320 and 7290. so, any app which fit for all this devs? thanks..

  17. chill says:

    Is the application works on 8520 curve?

  18. mthokozisi says:

    I need a adorp reader on my blackberry 9300 plz. Send me an installation sofr copy

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