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WGarage: Reverse Phone Lookup Freeware

Now you can finally know who called with WGarage: Reverse Lookup. Ignore the telemarketers and return the calls which are actually important. This innovative program allows you to easily do a reverse lookup right from your BlackBerry on any phone number to find a person or business’ name and street address. Never again insult a client by not knowing who’s call you are returning.
WGarage: Reverse Phone Lookup Freeware
* Know exactly who called.
* Integrated Reverse Lookup feature in Phone
* and Email application.
* Works with BES and non-BES users.
* Instantly add to address book.
* View results in popup window or browser.
* Lookup any North American phone number.

(Note: May need to upgrade to OS 4.0.2 for Phone application integration. )

Download: WGarage – Phone Lookup
Geek and Proud Utilities
The following are one of the most useful utilities for the Blackberry.
These were all created out of love and we applaud the for making
them available for free.


Automatically locks the keyboard of your blackberry after the backlight turns off.
Locking time is configurable.

download: Link


A free software that enables you to reset your Blackberry Pearl without having to take out your phone’s battery.

download: link

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11 Responses to Blackberry Utilities Freeware

  1. alcura02 says:

    this reverse lookup says it is a trial version .It says you have 20 attempts.

  2. bbpan says:

    It’s not really freeware.

  3. Seth says:

    This is not freeware. You can only have 20 lookups. Even their webpage states it is $20 for the product.

  4. Rick Dowd says:

    Does this site understand the concept of FREEWARE and Shareware.Deception gets you bad reviews.

  5. Life-Drive says:

    sorry guys, I made a mistake with this one. I’m currently developing a Freeware which is similar to this one. But right now I’m working on a encrypted data bank to store passwords and PINS. I’m hoping to get it out in the market as a freeware.

  6. Jill says:

    thanks for the heads up on the $. saved me time and effort. much appreciated.

  7. Low says:

    Yes, thx 4 the heads-up

  8. man some people are ruthless…dude isnt perfect..hes giving us free stuff…duh

  9. Jerfguy says:

    tp:// will do the same thing. Probably more up to date as well. It’s not an ap but it gets the job done and for free. Just a heads up.-Jerf-

  10. JQ China says:

    My blackberry ROM already, could I use this? thank you.

  11. dukee says:

    You doing a good job, keep the freebies comn, people eevrytng isn’t free

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