Blackberry Security Freeware

Secure your data with these free Blackberry Security Freeware.

Keepass for the Blackberry

keepass for the blackberry

Keepass is an open source password manager that runs in windows and also several mobile devices. I’m happy to say Blackberry is one of them. Keepass uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) this is the standard of encryption chosen by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology ( Government Agency). It currently use 128bit encryption, which I is sufficient to protect sensitive information inside your phone.

Since the addition of the Blackberry version you can just encode information using the windows version of keepass and keep another copy inside your phone. With the keepass explorer you just which database you want to open SD card or phone memory.

I’m a firm believer of having several passwords, keeping track off all of them is hard but having keepass around solves that problem.

download keepass Blackberry version : link

MiniSafe Desktop – Your Electronic Wallet – Free Software

Blackberry mini safe

MiniSafe Desktop is a free Windows software that provides secure and easy access to your security sensitive information such as passwords, PINs, etc.

Securing your information by AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
Advanced filtering.
Customizable table columns and sorting field.
User defined types and categories
Customizable password generator.
Mask/unmask security sensitive information.
Selectable icons.
Inactivity logout.
Click-able URL links.
Copy field(s) to clipboard.
Import CSV, eWallet TXT, SplashID vID and CryptMagic TXT.
Export as CSV.

Download: link

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8 Responses to Blackberry Security Freeware

  1. VaRiX says:

    Where’s the download link?

  2. kaycee says:

    FYI, you only get the demo or evaluation copy for free.

  3. Life-Drive says:

    sorry kayceesometimes developers change their software into a shareware or paid version. Thanks for informing us.

  4. Benny says:

    MiniSafe for desktop is freeware, running on Windows PC as desktop app.MiniSafe for blackBerry is commercial with free evalution

  5. Benny says:

    Btw. GridMagic CE is a freeware spreadsheet for blackberry from Simprit also

  6. Aas says:

    I preffer KeePass for storing sensitive information on BB.Try it out

  7. Isaac says:

    If you are having problems backing up your BB, it may be keepass. Once removed I was able to back up.

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