Blackberry Remote Access Freeware

Avvenu – Remote Software and file sharing

Avvenu is a file sharing and remote access freeware. You will be able
to access 4 computers at a time and choose whom you want to share your
files as long as your computer is on.

You can share the following:

Data files ( office files )
Photos ( jpegs, png, and gifs)
media files ( play mp3’s , wma with media play function)

download: Avenu Blackberry

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9 Responses to Blackberry Remote Access Freeware

  1. eric says:

    Link goes to registration page for setting up a music download account – not a blackberry application.

  2. eric says:

    The link goes to a setup/registration page for a music downloading account – not a blackberry application.

  3. Life-Drive says:

    thanks Eric I just updated the link to the correct download page.

  4. Giantbean says:

    Can any one get this to work on a blackberry? I have a Curve 8320 and have attemped to conect with EDGE and wi-fi but just get a http503 Error. The Avvenu web site seems to say this works with WM5 but says nothing about BB.

  5. It doesn’t work at all on my 7290 BB!!

  6. Mitch says:

    apparently avvenu will be a pay service shortly

  7. Yasin says:

    On my BB 7230 , it works Great! :-))

  8. Steven says:

    avennu is no longer available… service has been shutdown

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