Blackberry Financial Freeware


You don’t want to pay the whole amount when you
go to lunch with your team. Right?
Splitting the amount after Tip is now VERY simple using TipBuddy.
TipBuddy helps you to calculate the Tip amount and PerHead amount.
Just enter the amount, tip% and head count.

download tipbuddy: link

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8 Responses to Blackberry Financial Freeware

  1. sallycai says:

    hwo do i download this onto my blacberry 7130e? i hit downlaod, but a file comes up. How do I get it onto my blackberry device? what do i need to press (any steps?)


  2. Life-Drive says:

    hi sallycai
    here’s a great article on how to install 3rd party software for your Blackberry.

  3. sallycai says:

    Thank you life-drive!

    Your website helped tremedously!

  4. Rob says:

    they now charge for this program

  5. Jimmy Ng says:

    Where’s the downloadlink ?

  6. Romas says:

    Where is the link for download??

  7. Life-Drive says:

    sorry guys I just put back the download link for tipbuddy.

  8. spud says:

    Another awesome financial freeware app is Wikinvest Portfolio. it has got to be the BEST finance app i tried! Its amazing, it lets you sync your brokerage accounts from a lot of different brokerages. You get to see all your portfolios on one page and news related to it as well.. Really cool!

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