Free Blackberry Games

There a lot of great Blackberry games out there but most of them are paid versions, we compiled a few games worth downloading for your Blackberry device.
Chess Lite for the Blackbery
Free Games Blackberry Chess
All Blackberry phones should have come with a free Chess Game. If your looking for great free Blackberry Games , Chess Lite would a great addition . Making things clear before you download this game please be aware the complexity level is limited to level one but it shouldn’t stop you from downloading this game if you want to play a relaxing match on your Blackberry. The game works great with the Blackberry Torch and the Bold using the touch pad. But Chess lite its going to be challenging to play if you have a Blackberry Storm.

Download OTA(Go to Chess Folder): Blackberry Chess Lite

Color Virus Blackberry Game
Color Virus Blackberry
A Great Puzzle game that mimics a virus attacking a cell. The game involves switching colors to match all the blocks. Works great with the Blackberry Torch and even older Blackberry devices.

Download: Color Virus Blackberry

3D Tetris Blackberry Games

blackberry 3d tetris

Here’s a great Blackberry Game you can play with your new Blackberry Bold or Curve. It’s not made for the Blackberry but its really playable and challenging. It takes some time to learn but the moment you get its really fun to play and really makes you think.

Download ( Desktop install ): 3d Tetris

Galactic Blast
galactic blast demo
Galactic Blast is a classic shooter game created by Synthetic Dream. What makes this game special is the fact you can make changes like change the ships into your face or to any other object you like. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the developers website, but if you just want to have a classic space shooter game its a fun game to have on your phone.

Download OTA: Galactic Blast
Developer: Creation Tutorial

CaveMan – A Blackberry Strategy Game.

Caveman is a strategy game that deals with pushing block or dirt to get coins. Completing a level mean collecting all the coins. But its gets harder when you accidentally crush an egg that hatches a creature that can take your life. Falling stones can also crush you which pushes you to think before moving your caveman.

download Caveman Desktop install : Caveman Blackberry

Pac-man Clone for the Blackberry

The most recognizable game in the world has just been converted for the Blackberry. In the classic video game hall of fame Pac-man should be in the top of the list. I have never been a pac-man expert but I highly enjoy playing it ever since I was a kid. I have to say thank you to the developer for doing such a great job, it works great with my blackberry.

developer: BennyChow
download: Pac-man
download: Pac-man ( older blackberry phones )

Bubble Popper

Bubble Popper is a good old fashion color bubble popping which reminds me of the old puzzle bubble games I use to play a few years ago and also the frozen bubble game in my asus eee. The game play is very addictive but had a hard time getting it to work, but it did work in my wifes Blackberry.

developer: AIM Productions
download: Bubble Popper Blackberry

Disco Bowling

Here’s a nice classic bowling game you can get for free in the Blackberry Owners lounge. It’s fast and works great with older Blackberry Phones. The game follows all the rules of bowling.

Download: link


Here’s a classic checkers game you can play by yourself or another player. The game loads fast and can be a nice alternative to the usual games out there. The game level is good enough, the computer was able to beat me 3 to 1 out of the 4 games I played. Playing with another player is more fun, but you do have to take turns and pass him your blackberry ( no bluetooth ). Pubchecker works with all the blackberry phones I tried making it a must game even for older phones.

download link ( Unzip in your PC and Install using your Desktop Manager)
Blackberry Curve
Blackberry Pearl
Blackberry 8800 series
Blackberry 8700 series
Blackberry: 7290, 7200, 7100, 7130

Christmas Pool

I found this free game in the Blackberry owners lounge (Membership is Free). Its good old fashion game of American pool with a handy tutorial to get you started. The controls are easy to learn and the graphics are smooth, so you can focus on the game play.

Join the Blackberry owners lounge to get this free game: link
Alternative Download: link
RV Pile-UP

RV pile-upRV pileup

A family vacation survival game. Drive you RV through numerous
obstacles and road hazzards. The game contains a number of
driving locations like desserts, forest and mountains. Train your
jumping skills before you go on a road trip.

download: RV Pile-UP

Chess Puzzles For RIM 1.2.135

Chess puzzle for the Blackberry

This application is designed to allow a user of Java based RIM devices to download chess puzzles from the server and solve them while offline. The application is compatible with Java based RIM Blackberry devices. The solution is stored on the device with the puzzles and can be viewed in a step-by step fashion. The player can step back when a wrong move is made.

Free Magmic Games
Texas hold Em Up

* Texas Hold’em King
* Bass Assassin
* Klondike
* Raging Rivers
* Spider Solitaire

Download Magmic Games

Dope Wars
Blackberry dope wars freeware

Get inside the underworld of Crime with Dope Wars. This version has all the options available in the classic version that came out in the Palm OS.
Download Dope Wars
Space Invaders

Blackberry Space Invaders freeware

Play the classic Space Invaders in your blackberry. This version has configurable buttons for easy game play and store the top ten scores so you can brag about it to your friends.
Download Space Invaders

Blackberry Tetris

Blackberry tetris freeware

A true conversion of the classic Tetris game to the blackberry.

Supported Models

* 7100x – new phone-style model with reduced keyboard
* 77XX – full form factor color model
* 75XX- new small form factor color devices with Bluetooth support
* 72XX – small form factor color devices
* 67XX – full form factor b/w devices
* 62XX – small form factor b/w devices
* 57XX – first generation Blackberry handheld phone combo

Download: Blackberry Tetris Freeware

Curling Challenge

This great Canadian past-time combines
elements of 8 ball Pool,ice skating and
Shuffle Board – All mixed in togather into
one great game.

Three games in 1!

Download: Curling Challenge Freeware

Black & White Magmic Games ( Now Freeware )

These are a collection of old black and White
Magmic games for the Blackberry. The company
recently is giving them out for free.

Desktop Install Download link :Magmic All B&W Blackberry Games
note: Please your desktop manager to install the games.

Game Details:

Card Games:
Texas Hold’em King

Action Games:
Alien Lander
Break Fast

Board Games:
Pub Checkers

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72 Responses to Free Blackberry Games

  1. Richard says:

    Any chance these games are still available somewhere? The links don’t seem to work anymore… Thanks!

  2. Life-Drive says:

    hi Richard sorry about the links, they should be working now.

  3. Rowe says:

    I just purchased a Blackberry and have been trying to download .jad files for these games, but my computer does not recognize them…any suggestions?

  4. JoeNordIL says:

    Might be a stupid question, I just bought an 8300, do I download onto my PC and then sync, or do I browse to here with my BB and download directly?

  5. Margarita says:

    Any chance to download the Chess Puzzles For RIM game? or it is not available anymore?

  6. sarah says:

    hi will the dopewars work for my BB pearl? any site to go so I can get it OTA?

  7. sarah says:

    hi is there an OTA to download dopewars? and will it owrk on my BB Pearl? thanks

  8. Jay says:

    All, *.jad files are native BB “executables”. Those are the ones that you use to install “over the air”. I am new to the BB myself, but from what I have seen thus far, here is my person rule of thumb:JAB files getpulled from a site for direct install onto your BB. Zip and other kinds get synced thru the pc.Good luck!!!

  9. BLACKBERRY GOwhere can i find a blackberry versio the asian chess game of GO (baduk, wei qi)?

  10. Kristie says:

    They should have some freebies for those of us with the newer versions…. that are not lame… :o) no offense, but my 8 yr old doesnt play poker on my BB pearl very well! :o)

  11. Vance Taylor says:

    Hi – trying to download DopeWars. Saved Zip file to PC what next? I have two COD files and one ALX file in zip folder…thanks!

  12. Chiya says:

    most of the time i try to download something to my BB Curve a mssg says “the item you selected cannot be displayed. do u wish to save the item?” what does tht mean?

  13. mike80219 says:

    Hi, how do you install a jar or .jad file over a pc cable thanks!!!

  14. Squard says:

    Having the same problems with DopeWars as Vance is having. I can’t Bluetooth it to my 8310.

  15. Kevin says:

    Dopewars works great on my Pearl. Great find!

  16. AMarie says:

    I am trying to download DopeWars for my BB Pearl. I’ve downloaded it into my PC now what do I do?

  17. Life-Drive says:

    hi AMarie all you have to do is unzip the file in a folder. Open your blackberry desktop to install it. It will ask for an .alx file which you unzip in the folder.

  18. AMarie says:

    I’ve unzipped it and still nothing. I do see the .alx file. Is there someplace in particular that I should put the folder? Does my cell phone carrier matter?

  19. Victor says:

    when you download any game .cod , .alx , you have to use the desktop manager to install it(aplication loader then add ) and .jad or .jar doesn’t work in my bb pearl

  20. Karma says:

    Once you have unzipped and have an alx file and cod file, I use application installer that comes with Media Manager to put the alx file in my specified folder on my media card. It has worked for me everytime with games and applications. The trick is finding the alx and cod files. Depending on what blackberry you have (I have the 8130), your phone may be compatible with the COD file. You’ll just have to try both and see which one works on your phone.

  21. gianna184 says:

    I have a blackberry curve (i believe its 8320) and I am trying to upload some of the games to it. I have tried to unzip the files and load them using my desktop manager and I keep getting “No additional applications designed for your device” what can I do?

  22. Rachelle says:

    I have a 8310 and “had” Texas Holdem King 2 on it. I upgraded to version 3, but hate it. I was wondering if anyone would have the files to the Texas Holdem King 2 available for 8310,Thanks a bunch

  23. you save the zip files to your pc people then unzip on pc then use desktop manager to put on your phone

  24. monica says:

    tried to get the pacman and cant transfer to curve, something about an XML problem line 1? any ideas?

  25. John Young says:

    Thanks a lot for these games. Really appreciate it.I dowloaded Bubble Pop and it installed fine and looks good but I can’t seem to move sideways on it (Blackberry 8700v)

  26. mburge63 says:

    Do any of these work on the new Storm?

  27. psyco joe says:

    i doubt it would work on the bb storm cuz since its touch screen the configuration of buttons won’t work. but u can always try.

  28. MASTER says:

    How can you tell what Games will work on the new Storm ???

  29. MASTER says:

    How can you tell what Games will work on the new Storm ???

  30. Michelle says:

    I can;t get any thing downloaded to my phone I didnot receive any software upon purchase and this is getting very frustrating since I do not know where I can download the software

  31. Moe says:

    any of these games compatible with the strom 9530

  32. Gorian says:

    To install *.jar files, use the Desktop Manager File Manager to transfer the Jar file to the phone as you would a ringtone or picture. Then, on the blackberry, open the media application, open the menu, select “explore”, and find the file. When you select it, you should get an option to “download”. This should install the file. Some don’t work perfectly, if at all, most Jar files being programmed for other phones. I have only tried this on a Blackberry Curve 8320.

  33. All I want is solitaire. Is there a version for my new Blackberry?

  34. ljrawness says:

    I made a attempt at downloading Dope Wars to my BB curve 8330, but it will not show up on my phone. Can anyone help me?

  35. Life-Drive says:

    hi ljrawness, you need to download dope wars on you PC then use Blackberry Desktop to install it in you Blackberry.

  36. Dawn says:

    I can download the game to my phone just fine but when I go to play it, it says that I need to register my email address bit it wont let me, can you tell me why?

  37. psyco joe says:

    to find out if a game is compatible with your phone u need to look at the description to see which model number, such as 83xx, 89xx. 81xx, 82xx. when serching put the model number so you could narrow ur results to ur phone. ex: ” blackerry 8900 games”for rowe’s question .jad is for donwloading over the air only. to isntall it on ur pc u need to get either a .jar file or .alx file application.

  38. PDG says:

    Peter said ..
    RV pile up looks interesting, does anyone know if it is available for the AT&T curve 8300?

  39. Anthony says:

    Hey do anyone know if there is a down link for a chess game for the blackberry storm?

  40. Anthony says:

    Hello all does anyone know if there's a chess game link for down loading to thw BlackBerry storm?

  41. rico says:

    pls help me install some games on my blacberry curve! help ;(

  42. john says:

    to install .jar/.jad files plug in your bb into your pc and then use windows explorer to find the drive and then copy the files into a folder on your blackberry, then go into the media app home screen and press menu then explore, locate the files and click on them

  43. price141 says:

    I have downloaded and installed a couple of these games but they aren't full screen and only take up a small corner of the screen. What can I do?


  44. Justine says:

    I'd love the pub checkers but have a BB storm. As far as I can see it's not supported. Any ideas?

  45. Katieyhip says:

    Your site is asking for an IMEI number and my phone does not have one in either of the 2 places you claim it should be. Is your site not compatible with the Blackberry Curve?

  46. Harly says:

    Do these work with the Tour?

  47. ePodMan says:

    Thanks so much for the links!

  48. quacki1 says:

    i want these games for my storm2!

  49. 123 says:

    theese are zip files how to work with them

  50. 123 says:

    do i need my software to put games in blackberry 8310?????

  51. i think that blackberry have to get there act together they cannot be saying one thing and giving you something totally different,blask berry boooooo

  52. loll says:

    cant transfer any of these game file to my curve:(

  53. jimbo8098 says:

    All you need to install games to your blackberry is an alx file and a jad file (seemingly)

    To install you need to unzip the file you download from the site ( you can't save it directly because the bberry does not understand zip files) , open up bberry desktop manages then begin the application loader. 9lick browse and point the manager to the unzipped alx file. After that wait for the installation to finalize and enjoy!

    Hope this helps!

  54. jimbo8098 says:

    Also your computer won't recognise the files because they cannot be used by a computer and there is no environment to edit them in unless you happen to have a simulator.

  55. DEVIL Z says:

    Chiya, just click save and you”ll get the game

  56. Luvly says:

    The magmic black and white games are requesting we go to the site and buy. Do u have the passkey for these games?

  57. PINZONJA says:

    are these games compatible for the new BB Tourch?

  58. A.k.sirara says:

    Please, I use a BB Bold 1 and bn tryn to download games.How can I do it and what link can I go to? Akin

  59. pedro jr. says:

    good am, how can i download the games from my laptop? i want to transfer it from my laptop to my BB.

  60. Oscar says:

    minesweeper game please… for blackberry 8100 thank you very much and more power….

  61. manikantareddy says:

    Need I am blackberry curve 8900 for games download free.

  62. B babe says:

    Hey these games are not my tipe cant you get a game like sims or a game where you care for pets?

  63. Thanh says:

    Game hay mà ko coa file jar down file zip mac cong phai giai nén lau vl:((

  64. Thanh says:

    May a co game 3D hay hay cho bb 9900 ko cho e vai game.

  65. John traore says:

    Well I have a BB storm 9530 . How do I download games on it .

  66. chris says:

    Hi guys I’m trying to download games onto my 8700g but it keeps telling me error 402 not supported, what am I misssing. How can I reformat my phone?

  67. bongi says:

    I have a BB curve and am trying to download
    Pac man full version but it keeps on saying the item
    Selected can not be displayed so can please help
    Me solve the problem

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