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freerange free rss software blackberry

Freerange is a light weight RSS reader for the Blackberry. You can follow upto 10 RSS feeds in your Blackberry. Updating is very fast, as well as browing through your feeds. I like how Freerange integrated, so you can bookmark all the important articles to your account.

FreeRange Blackberry RSS reader: Link

Upvise – Rss News Reader

Upvise is a suit of applications for your Blackberry. It has the following apps contacts, notebook, RSS news reader, mobile bookmarks, wikipedia mobile and shopping list. What makes Upvise very special is the web base interface which allows you to encode information, bookmarks and enter news feeds. It even has a sync features.
In this article I’m going to talk more on Upvise’s RSS reader application. When you download upvise and signup for an account you will get your username and password which you will need to login Upvise’s web base interface from your PC or laptop. This is where you enter your new RSS feeds and even bookmarks to your favorite web articles.
All the information you enter in the Upvise’s web base interface will automatically be updated to your Upvise software in your Blackberry. Bellow are some feeds I have entered via their web interface and this is how it looks in my Blackberry 8230.

Upvise blackberry software suit

Upvise RSS reader index view

Upvise blackberry rss feed display

Upvise blackberry software suit

I think the people from Upvise are doing something right with their blackberry software. The fact that its very light and stores information locally( offline mode) makes it faster and doesn’t stop you from getting information if you don’t have data coverage. I also applaud them for make it works over WIFI, makes it more appealing to people who are stuck with unreasonable data plans.

download Upvise OTA: Blackberry download link
download Upvise Desktop install:

Viigo RSS – Reader ( New update )

Viigo is a simple and efficient RSS Reader that has over 1000 channels. You simply enter the RSS feed you like or subscribe to the already available channels.

Sample Channels: link
Download Viigo ( new update ) – link
Download Viigo Lite ( smaller verson of Viigo) – link

Plusmo – Offline Browser / RSS

Plusmo has  recently been acquired by AT&T and has expanded their collection of Widgets to games and simple clients to major services such as Google News, Digg, Twitter and even major news networks. The sale to AT&T guarantees Plusmo wider support from content providers and may even come presinstalled into futures Phones.

The RSS function has not been remove but expanded you can now create your own combination of RSS from different sites, a directory is available to search on ready made feeds. The

Phone install :

There’s finally a simple solution for getting all that news and online magazines in your Blackberry, by getting a Blackberry RSS reader. Lite feeds has a software for the Blackberry so you can sync and download all the RSS feeds you want. The Lite Feeds RSS Reader does have some limitations but the features available are enough to get you the info you want, currently the service and software is free.

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5 Responses to Blackberry RSS Reader

  1. John Edwards says:

    I found a really nice RSS reader. It’s called Piconews and pushes in realtime all news items of the feeds you subscribed to.It is free, and after a few days of use I am very enthousiastic about it!You can browse their website here:

  2. Life-Drive says:

    Great find John I’m giving the software a try.

  3. EmiratesMac says:

    Google Reader is the way to go 😉

  4. David says:

    FreeRange WebReader is extremely powerful and easy to use. Great for both online and offline reading. There is more info and a movie showing it in action athttp://www.freerangeinc.comor just download and try it from your Blackberry browser from:

  5. Matt Narvaez says:

    The piconews app seems very useful. Just downloaded it and added it to my blackberry. Took only a few minutes before i was getting all my favorite feeds.

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