Affordable Blackberry Phones for 2016

There are a lot of cheap Android phones you can buy for around a $100 dollars. Most of them will be Chinese branded phones with horrible quality and with no service center. If your still open to getting a Blackberry, there are a few devices you can choose depending on your needs. Since Blackberry phones can easily install all the major app stores, you wont be missing any Android app on your device.

Blackberry Z10

The Z10 was a flagship phone which is means built quality is really great. That was one factor that got me really interested with the Blackberry Z10 other than the super cheap $139 price tag.

Blackberry Z3

The Blackberry Z3 is a budget phone that was supposed to compete with entry level devices. It never really took off since there was too much competition in this price level. But with the price drop of $99 this makes the phone a real bargain.

Blackberry Q5

The Blackberry Q5 is something a lot of people looking for an Android capable phone with a full QWERTY keypad. The Q5 is probably the cheapest Android capable phone with a keypad at this price range. You get the best of both worlds with having the best keypad ever designed and a very high quality touch screen.

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Getting the Amazon App Store on Your Blackberry

If you bought your Blackberry device before the latest OS update that came the Amazon App Store, here is a simple guide to get you started. This method works with the Blackberry Z10, Q10, Q5 or Z30.

You will need to download the App store through your Blackberry browser. You can use which ever connection you have but I usually use my WIFI connection to install any major apps. Bellow is the link you need to type in your BB browser.

It is going to bring to the download page and allow the download and installation of the App Store.

After the installation is complete I usually reset my phone just to make sure. You only need to log in using your Amazon account or create one if you don’t have one yet.

You are now set to go on downloading all those Android games or Apps you have always wanted to use on your Blackberry.

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Extending the Battery Life of the Blackberry Z10

Blackberry z10 white
I am a big fan of Blackberry which is probably¬† why I had this website for the last 7 years. Blackberry has its ups and downs but the introduction of the new Blackberry 10 will change all of that. Like all first generation devices its not going to be perfect and the main concern most people had was the battery. I’m going to make this really clear the battery life of the Z10 is average comparing it to devices with similar specifications.

Don’t ever believe reviews telling you that the Z10 won’t last you the day. In fact several developers who had the phones on their hands would rate if for 2 days lasting all the way to the evening. People concerns over power does open up an opportunity for developers to come out better power management apps or even third party batter with a higher capacity.

RIM or Blackberry believes strongly on having a dependable device and gave some tips on extending the life of the Z10 inside the operations manual.

It seems WIFI uses up a lot of power but what is interesting is the last tip which recommends users to save data on their memory cards instead of device storage to save power. That tip is new to me and I to a lot of other Blackberry users. Just to get things clear, saving data on your memory card extends the battery for the Blackberry Z10.

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Blackberry Still Showing Strong Support for the Playbook

I love the fact that RIM is showing some confidence during its long transition period. It’s not easy what they are doing but with its modest cash reserves it has, it has managed to pull of one of the longest waiting period for any OS transitions in mobile phone history.

The reason why I’m already saying it has managed to pull it off since its already just a few months until Blackberry 10 gets out from development. Finally having a strong OS will give RIM the tools it needs to be competitive.

There is a lot of competition out there but RIM has something special to offer which no other competitor has even come closed to matching.

Blackberry devices is still king off security. The Blackberry Playbook in fact is considered one the most secure Android capable tablets in the market. The fact that it does not run on Android makes it more secure against malicious software which often end up in the Android Market Place.
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Blackberry Dolphin Browser Freeware

I love the Dolphin Browser on my Ipad 2 and use it constantly to view pages that simply can not load on Safari. The free Dolphin Browser for the Playbook is exactly the same as the iOS version. You will get the same tabs and popular features like special gestures to load specific websites.

Like any new software ported to another OS the Dolphin browser is not perfect, playing embedded video is noticeably faster with the the Playbook’s native browser. But its not going to stop me from using the Dolphin browser since for some reason it renders pages faster when it comes to text and graphics which is the source of content when I’m using my Playbook.

I haven’t notice any problems with the browser and really love the interface. The Dolphin browser simply excels with its simple interface which is easy to understand and familiar to most people use to using a desktop browser.

Get the Dolphin Browser for the Blackberry: Dolphin Browser Playbook

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Blackberry Android App Player will Level the Playing Field

There no disputing the fact that 2011 was the worst year for RIM but that goes for most companies going through a bad economy. RIM in particular just had a bigger share of bad luck; starting with stock prices plummeting, outages and delays on their up coming OS.

Making things worst main stream press was in an all out war on anything not Android or IOS. RIM’s near casualty was their first tablet the Playbook. There’s no denying the fact the iPad 2 was the tablet for 2011, I even got one for free after being forced to use on by my company.

On the brighter side, 2011 was a not all gloom in fact something interesting happened near the end of the year which I think will change the playing field for the Blackberry. A leaked OS released for the Playbook contained a copy of the Android App Player. In a few weeks of the leak, Playbook users were side loading Android App Player into their tablets and making a list of apps that ran successfully using the Android player.

The lack of apps which had a negative effect on the Blackberry was something anyone would want to avoid. Its even a fact that Amazon which released their tablet last year knew Apps availability was a major factor for choosing an OS. They could have developed or bought their own OS but instead went for an OS that had the apps which was Android.

Amazon’s use of Android has increased sales of apps coming their tablet. That surge on sales will likely happen when Playbook OS 2.0 comes out next month. The whole point is RIM is basically doing the same strategy as Amazon but inside their own Eco system which is the Blackberry OS. This way RIM will retains control on security and make no compromises which other manufacturers had to do to use Android.

Its still too early to see whats going to happen but 2011 is going to be very interesting for the Blackberry.

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Portable Media Server for Your Blackberry

I have always dislike the limitations Apple has place with their devices when it comes to file transfer. I’m glad RIM has not imposed such limitations to their phones and tablet. This project came up in my house as a simple solution to stream video from my home server to my kids discounted Blackberry Playbook.

In this project you will need the following:

1. Old windows PC of laptop or a home server.
2. connection to WIFI network.

We are going to use XAMMP as our portable Apache server, you simple download it inside a USB stick and run it directly to your PC. You can get a copy of XAMPP LITE USB Portable edition for free.

As soon as you install it you need to click on the following Apache and Filezilla and press start start to run the service.

xampp server for blackberry

If you want to start XAMPP automatically put on a check mark on the Svc and you can get it started automatically. You can now use your Blackberry browser to access your computer, your storage files will be located in C:\xampp\htdocs or depending where you installed XAMPP.

In your Blackberry browser you can view your files at ( or your servers IP/) and stream videos or even transfer files to your Blackberry phone or Playbook. Streaming only works with newer Blackberry phones but using your Playbook videos runs really well.

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The Big Playbook Sale

If you missed out on the 199 Playbook sale, Amazon still has them for $249. Why spend the extra $50 is simply to get the protection that comes with buying from Amazon.

The playbook is a beautiful tablet and is way better than the Amazon fire which just is annoying to use. The kindle fire is so under powered I have a hard time believing Amazon is convince the fire was designed for reading PDF magazines.

In contrast to the Playbook which opens PDF like an IPad with a better form factor you can carry around with you. It might not have the apps but if there is a tablet that can handle flash the Playbook is on top of my list.

RIM had made some major mistakes marketing and releasing the playbook without any native email, contacts and calendar apps. But these mistakes will be soon corrected with a major update in the early part of 2012.

I’m a major IPad user but the Blackberry Playbook gets me do things my iPad could never do like browsing the web with flash and get things done. I don’t want to install apps for every website I visit which is starting to be forced on iPad users. If your in the market for a tablet the Playbook is really worthy to be in your list.

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RIM Giving Out $100 Worth of Blackberry Apps

Last week a lot of people of people said RIM went silent when it tried to fix a massive failure which resulted to delays in email delivery and for a lot of people a total lost of service.

A lot of companies all over the world were affected and all eyes were set on RIM. It took a few days for RIM to normalize email delivery which was expected due to how all email system delivery works.

As for RIM being totally silent was totaly untrue my provider did send me an SMS alert regarding the problems with Blackberry service and how everything was being done to resolve the issue.
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RIM Needs to Fix the Playbook

I use my Blackberry Playbook almost everyday. I love the little tablet and carry it with me almost everywhere I go. Although I’m still happy with my Playbook there are important features or software missing which prevents me from using it to its full potential.

1. No native email client.
2. No native calendar application.
3. No native address book.

It just seems hard to believe RIM marketed a business tablet missing important basic applications. As an owner its just frustrating to have such a powerful tablet and not be able to do basic things without having your phone. RIM really needs to do something about this unless they want to discontinue the Playbook.

Being fair RIM did get a lot of things right with their tablet but if they want to compete with the new Kindle Fire which has its own native email software and cost less than the Playbook they need to make some changes fast.

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